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Initial Contact

Looking for a job.  See something of interest in our Job Postings.  We can help.  Send your resume to us.  Include best several times that would work for a telephone call.  We are located in the Central Time Zone.  We will confirm with an email.  The interview can take 30 minutes to one hour depending upon your needs.  

Initial Phone Call

During our initial call we will discuss your career history, why you moved from one job to another.  Everyone has a specific set of circumstances that occur.  We understand that and want to know your story.  Finally we will talk about your salary needs.  It is important to discuss what the market will bear.  Sometimes it is not enough, sometimes too much.  I will offer my suggestions.  The last portion of the conversation concerns positions available or companies to contact.  I am a recruiter so if I don't have a position immediately, I will contact agencies that I work with to check their needs.  I never mention your name or share your resume without your permission.  Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business.  


What makes working with a recruiter different from sending  your resume directly to the hiring company.  In a word FEEDBACK.  If there is a job that you are interested in, I make sure that you see the full job description.  Allow you to tweak your resume to highlight those requirements.  If you are not selected for an interview I will let you know why.  If you interview and are not selected, I will also inform you of the reason.  Sometimes it is one thing that was mentioned, and by hearing the feedback you can correct issues for the next time.  More is better.  

Active or Passive Job Seekers

You don't have to be actively looking to sign up for our Newsletter.  Employment practices are constantly changing and the pulse of the industry.   Many people wait for the perfect job posting.  Others are ready to make the move now.  We are often asked for general information and provide answers or recommendations.  


Sign up now for our newsletter.  We don not inundate you with daily emails, but offer jobs in real-time.  As soon as we get an order we post it.  Working in partnership with you, we suggest that you contact us about any newsletter listing or of jobs that they are interested in their area.  We will call a company for you and see if they will work with us.  If they don't we let you know and you can send your resume on your own.  Why do we do this?  Because we are building relationships.  After 25 years of service our database is enormous.  

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