Jobs in Travel

Jobs in Travel

Jobs in TravelJobs in TravelJobs in Travel

 Travel Employment Agency is a 35-year-old recruitment firm that has always worked exclusively with the travel industry. 

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Our Background


 What makes Travel Employment Agency different from other recruitment firms is our own history in the travel industry.  I have worked in the industry as an agent, account executive, and owner. When a specific GDS system is needed, or type of travel agent must be found, we know what you're talking about. We handle travel and that is all that we do. 

Working With Us


 You need to have an advocate in your corner, someone that has a background in the travel industry.  Whether you are looking for a job or hiring the "right" candidate,  we know the players  for your specific set of qualifications. When you decide to work with Travel Employment Agency, the entire process is highly confidential. Passively looking or hiring or ready to move, we know where to go and who to talk to.



Whether actively or passively seeking a new job or employee, I invite you to sign up for our newsletter. There is no better way to keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry than to observe employment trends. We offer only pertinent information, regarding employment. We will not inundate you with emails, but offer real-time employment information 

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